Boss MX Mobile Railcar Mover

Product Summary

The BOSS MX mobile railcar mover is capable of towing up to 4,000 tons when single coupled and without the need for weight transfer. Traction is achieved via rubber tires and guided with eight standard AAR rail wheels.


High strength A36 steel plate construction with 50/50 weight distribution and low center-of-gravity makes the BOSS the most stable railcar mover in the industry.

Operator Cab & Human Machine Interface

State-of-the-art operator cab centered with machine providing true 360 degrees of visibility. Cab comes with an array of features that maximize the operator efficiency while keeping safety at the forefront of the operator experience. Features include:

  • True pressurized cab tested to SAE Off-highway standards
  • Standard HVAC with integrated ducting that keeps the operator comfortable
  • Center mounted air suspension seat with fore/aft adjustment with seatbelt
  • Foldup trainer seat with seatbelt and can serve as a workstation
  • Tilting and telescoping steering column to meet individual ergonomic needs
  • Seat-integrated operated console that is fully adjustable to provide the most ergonomic operator experience
  • All machine controls are located at the operator’s fingertips
  • Two-cup holders as well as storage trays
  • All controls inside cab are backlit red at the flip of a switch


The BOSS is powered by the reliable Cummins QSB 6.7L and is certified to EPA Tier 4 Final emission requirements. Coupled to the Cummins is the ZF power shift transmission highly capable of transmitting the torque to the axles. Cooling for all critical systems is achieved through a combination of electric and hydraulic control providing the most efficient and reliable cooling system.


Best in the industry high capacity planetary types axles keep the BOSS moving. Both the rigid and steer axles include mechanical locking differentials. Transferring all of this power is accomplished through highly reliable Michelin tires with heavy-duty steel rims.


Dual 32-gallon reservoirs charged by 80 CFM compressor supplies air to AAR glad hands located at the front and rear of the machine. Train brakes applied via ergonomic thumb lever on joystick.

Air over hydraulic disc brakes. Brakes applied via pulling back on joystick or treadle valve on floor.

Disc brake located on output of transmission. Brakes applied with loss of hydraulic pressure. Park brake is release via rocker switch on console.

Rail Gear

Independent tandem rail gear with eight 12” AAR steel rail wheels. Design allows for three axes of rotation providing the BOSS with the highest degree of maneuverability in the tightest curves.


Standard AAR Type E rolling coupler rolls freely from side-to-side allowing the BOSS to guide railcars through the highest degree of curvature. Low friction plates before and aft the coupler beam allow for the least amount of friction. Coupler can be hydraulically positioned to provide the operator with the greatest ease of coupling to rail cars. Air-operated coupler release makes it easy for coupling and decoupling from railcars.


BOSS comes standard with two 107 amp-hour capacity batteries (950CCA) charged by a 200-amp alternator. Controlling the BOSS is achieved through our reliable CANBUS network and machine feedback is provided through a 10” high definition display mounted to the console.


The BOSS is equipped with tandem variable displacement constant pressure load sense hydraulic system that supplies power to rail gear, steering, and fan drive. A backup auxiliary rail pressure system provides hydraulic pressure to rail gear and steering in the event of hydraulic pressure loss.


The pneumatic system is equipped with a twin cylinder air compressor capable of generating over 80cfm and has three receivers – rail, accessory, and service. All air is conditioned by high capacity air dryer prior to charging reservoirs and automatic drain valves are used throughout the system to improve overall reliability.

Safety Features


The BOSS is equipped with all LED lighting and includes lighting at the following locations for maximum visibility and safety during low light conditions:

  • 6 floodlights mounted to front of machine
  • 3 floodlights mounted to rear of machine
  • Floodlights mounted at steps on each side of the machine
  • Stop/Turn/Taillights/Hazards mounted at each corner of the machine
  • Cab mounted beacon light
  • 2 interior map lights


The mirrors on the BOSS extend beyond the railcars providing the operator with the best visibility. Mirror positions can be easily adjusted and also incorporate powered and heated lenses.

Camera System

Best in the industry camera system provides the operator with the clearest view in harsh conditions. System includes cameras mounted at the following locations: left mirror, right mirror, rearview, left rail gear and right rail gear. Mirror cameras can be adjusted to suit all applications. Mirror camera feed is broadcasted on the left and right displays when in transfer mode. Rearview is available on console display at all times. All cameras are infrared for nighttime operation and include built-in heaters to maximize reliability in all weather conditions.


Air-operated horn on top of cab has up to 1-mile range.

Backup Alarm

102 DB backup alarms automatically sound when machine is in reverse (road mode) and disabled in rail mode. The sound level self-adjusts to match ambient noise levels.

Sun Shade

Retractable sunshade for improved operator visibility in daytime operation.


Top Speed
21 mph (forward and 14 mph (reverse)


Fuel – 77 gallons
DEF – 5 gallons
Hydraulic Reservoir – 50 gallons
Rail Reservoir – 64 gallons
Service Reservoir – 6 gallons


Wheelbase – 98 inches
Overall Length – 278 inches
Width – 120 inches
Height – 142 inches
Ground Clearance – 10 inches
Rail Gage – 56.50 inches
Weight – Consult Factory