TP70 Industrial Switcher

Introducing the TP70

Tractive Power Corporation’s new TP70 is a fully customizable solution for the rail industry’s switching requirements. The TP70 is a 3 axle railcar mover that offers more tractive effort with less horsepower, lower maintenance, less expensive components that are readily available. When compared to the competition the TP70 offers greater fuel savings with lower life cycle costs. As well the TP70 meets the current emission standards in both Canada and the United States. The TP70 is currently manufactured by Curry Rail Services of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA under a manufacturing partnership.


Our mission is to provide the most cost effective switcher solution for the demands of the industrial rail industry. With the increasing cost of general maintenance and the financial impact that it has on lost production, Tractive Power Corp is proud to offer the industry a sound product solution that will have a significant impact to your operation’s bottom line.


Unlike smaller industrial railcar movers currently in use at terminal operations, that are built with power train components design for agricultural and construction equipment which
are somewhat substandard for the punishing shock loads of the rail environment. Our model TP70 is manufactured using standard locomotive components with unmatched robustness and performance for the physics of moving railcars. The TP70 does not rely on “tricks” like weight transfer and rubber on rail, like its lighter weight competitors to achieve its reliable tractive effort. The simplicity of sufficient overall weight, steel on steel, effective wheel slip control and toughness provides better operating efficiencies and reduced overall total cost of ownership. The TP70 can be assembled using purpose chosen Tier 3 or 4 diesel engines. These engines are available from Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU and John Deere. The TP70 is an obvious business solution for the heavy demands of the industrial rail operator.

Environmentally Practical

Being an Eco-Friendly company is a key objective of Tractive Power Corporation. Our initial product, the model TP70 will provide optimum efficiency, low emissions with Tier 3 or Tier 4 diesel engines that are matched for the customer’s specific requirements. The TP70 diesel engines can be started quickly thereby reducing the need for standby idling.

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Tractive Power Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial engineered rail switchers.
The company is operated by experienced and well known industry leaders from within the rail industry. Tractive Power Corporation is a privately owned company dedicated to finding better product and technology solutions for the rail industry. Curry Rail Services is currently our manufacturing partner and is an experienced ISO9001 and AAR M-1003 certified locomotive manufacturer. Schedule a visit with us to view a TP70 industrial switcher in action at our manufacturer’s test facilities with over 30 miles of track and loaded rail cars.

Spec Sheet

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