The purchase of a new or used railcar mover can be a major undertaking and it is not something that should be taken lightly. K & L will listen closely to what your needs are and recommend the best unit.  Whether it be the exiting all new Boss Railcar mover or the new Tractive Power Industrial Spotter Locomotive or even on the K & L’s quality and well maintained used machines.

K & L understands that not all customers are looking to make the major investment of a new railcar mover. Our inventory of used rail movers is available for short and long-term rental. We can review each piece of equipment and make a recommendation of which is most capable of performing the tasks you need. Before leaving our lot, the selected rail car mover will be maintained and ready to get to work upon arrival.

When you rent from K & L Equipment & Mechanical you can count on getting a quality machine at a great rate!